Thursday, June 3, 2010

May 2010 Guild Meeting

May has come and gone, so I am posting the news from our May Guild Meeting. We held our monthly meeting on the 20th of May at Paula's home since the community building was already booked. We had 15 members in attendance and Lucy brought the meeting to order. After the business was conducted, the name of the BOM winner was drawn. Paula won the "Wonky" Blocks and Lucy introduced our new Block. "Apron"
She handed out 3 different patterns to be used for the BOM blocks. They are to be constructed of a 12 1/2" block of white or small print pastel fabric. The aprons are to be constructed of bright vintage fabrics and "make them your own" was the statement Lucy made. Embellish to your heart's desire but if using buttons, leave them unfastened so the quilt can be assembled easier. We were told that when we finish the one block and bring it next month, we will get a packet of all the patterns given out that night as well as more of her design.
Our evening theme was "Aprons" through the ages. She brought some of her collection and shared them with us as well as the history of the apron and what they represented through the different eras of time.
Different ones of our group showed their favorite aprons and told about them. Others just told stories of their favorite memories of a person wearing one or what ever made aprons special to them.
We were given our name blocks for our "Name That Challenge" and adjourned until next month.

April Retreat

We held our Spring Retreat at the Fairview Community Building this year. We liked the size and playground area that it provided for those children who had to tag along with their mothers. I wonder who had the most fun? Humm.
We had great classes on Friday and Saturday as we met together and learned new techniques, made fun and useful projects and shared ideas and food.
The classes consisted of "Celtic Knot" construction, "Needle Tatting", "Place Mat Weaving", "Big Block Quilts", "Day Bag" making, and our own project sewing. I will attempt to put pictures in the slide show to the right to show some of the fun we had there.
"Charm Poker" and "Bingo" were played and wonderful door prizes were won every hour.
Can hardly wait until our Fall Retreat. Who knows what fun and useful things we will learn there.

April 2010 Guild Meeting

This posting should have been before the last one, but, oh well, I am doing it now.

Our April Guild Meeting was held on the 15th of the month at the Newtonia Community Center. It was our first official meeting with the new board members ready to take on their new jobs. Lucy conducted as our new President. Bobbie, our new Vice President, and Paula, our new Secretary were there to lend our support. Miyuki, our Treasurer, was finishing up school and could not attend.
We were presented with our new "Challenge". We were each given 15 strips of white fabric to write our names on. These will be given out later to everyone so that each person receives one of each member's names. These will be used however we want to incorporate them in a project. This "Name that Challenge" is due for display at our July Meeting.
Our "Whirlygig" blocks were given to a possible new member since there were no names entered for the drawing.
Our new BOM was introduced by Lucy. We are starting out the year with a back to basics, "Wonky Block".
It is to be constructed of Bright scraps in "chunks", "strips", or "strings" with at least one round in black and whites. It is a large block to measure 17 1/2" when completed.
Our program for the evening was on managing our scrap bags. We were given directions on how to cut up our scraps to make them more manageable for use in projects. A fun way to tie in our BOM with our program. So get "Scrapin'".

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Vintage Fabric

This months 6" exchange fabric is "Vintage". Due to my usual guild night jitters and nervousness, I forgot to talk about vintage fabrics. I have been asked just what I mean by vintage fabrics, so here is a very brief definition for those of you that want to know.

Vintage fabrics are fabrics that were produced from 1920's to the 1970's. When Vintage fabrics are mentioned, most of us think of the 1930's feed sacks and their reproductions today, however, this is just a tiny part of the the vast collection of vintage fabrics.
Here are some illustrations of vintage fabric and some links that you can go to to get more ideas of just what vintage is. I bet you have some in your stash or I bet you have a relative that has some you can get your hands on. :o)

1920's fabrics included linen, cotton, and wool mixed with acetates, rayon and pure silk. Daytime clothing was medium to lightweight in crepes, knits, and light suiting with natural color tones of browns, blues and grays. Evening wear meant silk, in sheer chiffon and denser fabrics boasting of more vivacious colors. Prints for both day and night were common but as small, checks or floral.
The designs of the 20's were those of the Art Deco movement. They were very geometric, simple but dramatic with dark and light contrasts.
Quilts of the 1920s reflected the economic affluence of the decade. Fancy embroidered quilts on hand-spun Chinese silk like this one continued the favorite garden motifs.

The fabrics of the 1930's are by far the most popular of the vintage fabrics and it isn't hard to see why. During these times of economic hardship attentions was returned to the home and family and the homemaking arts. The whimsical designs and bright array of colors make them eye-catching and fun to work with.
During the 1930's, a quilt revival took place. The need to be thrifty, coupled with a strong need for socialization, brought women from across the country together around their quilting frames. During this time Eleanor Roosevelt ran a campaign for American Arts and Crafts. Her efforts brought a lot of attention to quilting and the fabrics used in it. Quilt patterns began appearing in local newspapers and sales catalogs. Newspapers and catalogs also advertised and delivered the necessary fabric and supplies the women needed.
"It's an ill depression that blows no good... without money for costly diversions, the women have turned to a renewal of quilt making. Many of the household magazines and not a few of the daily papers have quilts and pattern departments and are offering every inducement for the continuation of this most interesting of home-crafts arts."-- Carrie Hall, quilter

World War I also played an important roll in the fabrics of the 1930's. Germany had long held the patents for pastels. This is why the fabrics of the 20's had not been so bright and exciting. With the surrender of Germany came synthetic dye patents and Pinks, Blues, Yellows, Greens, Reds, Aqua, Peach, and Lavender began appearing on cotton goods containing popular designs: flowers, geometrics, conversationals, and Art Deco motifs.
According to Quilt Historian Sharon Newman, author of the book Treasures from Yesteryear, the designs of the previous decade, the 1920's, were smaller, closer together, and overall more dense. But by the 1930's, prints had a bit more space around the designs with white grounds. Some of those trends continued in the 1940's. Fabrics saw even larger designs, more conversationals appeared, and many patriotic or military type themes became increasingly popular.

WW II heavily influenced the fabrics of the 1940's. With the Occupation of France came drastic changes to the fashion industry. In 1940, 'The Limitation of Supplies Order' was enforced. This meant that the amount of cloth used in an item of clothing was regulated. The shortage of fabric during the war shaped the slim silhouette we recognize from the 1940's.
There may have been less of the fabric to use but they made up for the lack with bigger and bolder prints.

The end of WWII brought women back from the work force to the home. It was the hay day of the America House Wife. It was also a time of more affluence. It was reflected in the fabrics. Bigger and bolder prints with plain backgrounds changed to bright and multi colored backgrounds. They fabrics also reflected the commercial push of the nation. They show scenes of home and family life in dramatic styles and colors. Bubble gum pink was a popular color at this time.

The 60's were a turbulent decade. The issues and new ideas made their way into the fabrics too. The commercial fabrics of the 50's gave way to bright florals and nature scene fabrics of the "new" movements. The prints ranged from small tight florals (similar to those of the 2o's only in bright wild colors) to florals the size of dinner plates.
Quilts were still being made in the 60's but mostly by mothers and grandmothers. Young women were finding other things to do and learn about outside the home.

The fabrics of the 1970's continued on the bright and wild themes introduced in the 60's. They also showed a renewed interest in fabrics and motifs of the past. With the bicentennial in 1976 came a wave of patriotic fabrics depicting early Americana life. The fabrics were also influenced by an ever growing ethnic and cultural awareness. Fabric prints depicting images from other cultures made their way into the fabric departments of stores.
Quilted bed covers officially became "art" in 1971, when the groundbreaking exhibition "Abstract Design in American Quilts" opened at New York City's Whitney Museum of American Art.

I hope this brief lesson on fabrics that qualify as Vintage, helps you in your quest for vintage fabrics for the exchange in June.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to us. Happy Birthday to us. Happy Birthday to us. Happy Birthday to Us. Yes, we had our monthly guild meeting on March 18, 2010 and it was our 6th birthday. My, how time flies. We had 12 members present to enjoy the evening with us.
After the business portion of our meeting, we drew the name of the winner of our "Tulip" BOM blocks. The winner was Mary. Vea gave her last BOM block instructions for the year which is the "Louisiana" block. Since the other blocks for this year have to do with the garden, we are calling this block "Whirligig" since no garden should be without one. It is to be constructed of reproduction 30's fabrics in your choice of color using light, medium and dark tones.

Our last fabric exchange of deep reds were exchanged with the new year colors starting next month. It is a 6" square of your favorite bright color.

The "cookie" challenge blocks were also exchanged and everyone who participated will have a beautiful quilt/wall hanging to finish.
Our program for the night was PARTY since it was our birthday after all. We played "Pictionary:Name that Block". We divided into 2 teams and we each had a turn to help our team win a point by drawing a picture that would make our team members remember a block we had made in one of the 6 years of our guild. Then after refreshments, we played "strip" poker and each had the opportunity to win or lose 2 1/2" strips of fabric. We took home fat quarters of our choice as prizes along with our other door prizes.
The upcoming Spring Retreat will be held on the 23rd and 24th of April. Some of the activities we will be doing include, Celtic Knot Quilting, Scrappy woven place mats, needle tatting, Big Block Quilting, Fast Tote Bag and Book Covers. If none of these interest you, just bring personal projects and work on them. The food for both days will be pot luck. A list of the needed materials for the activities will be posted on our site. Be sure to let the new Presidency know which classes if any you will be attending so we can have some numbers to go by.
Next month guild meeting will be a work meeting. Bring your own project, Linus project or your scrap bag and join in on the "Slash your Stash" to get those nagging scraps under control. It should be a fun month. See you then.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

February 2010 Guild Meeting

Our guild met for it's monthly meeting on February 18, 2010 at the Newtonia Community Building in Newtonia, MO. We had 13 of our members present to share their projects during show and tell as well as receive the new BOM block for March.
Our last month block "Watering Can" was won by Vea. She introduced our new block for March which is the "Tulip" block. It is to be paper pieced using vibrant colors for the tulips and two different shades of green for the leaves. The background is to be cream colored.

Our birthday party in March will be the end of another fun year and the beginning of even more to come. Our business for the night was the nomination of Lucy for our new President starting in April. Also nominated were Paula, who will finish out the 2nd year term of Vice President, and Rebecca to be our new Secretary. They were unanimously voted in. Also announced was the fact that both co-chair positions for project and program are open for someone to fill.
We were reminded about finishing our "cookie exchange" blocks that are due in March.
Our evening program was given by Rebecca. She shared with us the story of the "Dear Jane Quilt".
In 1863 a woman named Jane A. Blakely Stickle completed a sampler quilt. Her name would be unremarkable today except for one thing, she signed her amazing quilt. It is made up of 225 patterns, most of which are only 4 1/2" blocks. It contains 5602 pieces and was completed in 1863. Because she signed her quilt, it was able to be returned to the state of Vermont where they have great documentation of their historical quilts. More information on her life and the quilt can be found at Dear
Our President Rebecca then shared with us her musical abilities with the following lyrics which she put to the music of the song "I Cain't Say No" from the musical "Oklahoma". It was something we could all relate to.

It ain't so much a question of not knowin' how to sew.

I’ve finished several things since I began.

I’ve heard a lot of stories and I reckon they're true.

About how girls are strangled by their stash.

I know I mustn't spend into a pit.

But when I’m at the quilt store

I forget!.

I'm just a girl who can't say 'no'

Fabric’s my Favorite thing!.

Whether online or in a store, I like to buy everything.

When my husband asks about my stash.

I’m tempted just to tell a little lie.

But the truth is that it’s piling up.

In rubber tubs that stack up 6 feet high!

I'm just a fool when prices are low.

I never show much restraint

Then the receipt makes me faint.

But how can I be what I ain't?

I can't say 'no!'

Whatcha gonna do when the fabric gets flirty

An' looks really purty?

Whatcha gonna do?

Supposin' that the fabric’s got

Baskets of cherrys, Or roses, or berries

Whatcha gonna do?

Supposin' that you find just the perfect shade of cream

and ya gotta have cream or die?

What’s a girl to do when she feels that way?

Sit down and cry?

I'm just a girl who can't say no,

Can't seem to say it at all.

I hate to pass up a fat quarter

I’m sure I need them all!

For a while I act refined and cool,

As I walk among the fabrics in the store,

Then I think of that old golden rule,

Remember less is never ever more!

I can't resist Kaffe Fasset prints

Or Amy Butler et. all

Soon as I feel of their naps

Somethin' inside of me snaps

I can't say no!

After announcing our upcoming Spring retreat to be held in April and the changing of our April monthly meeting to a work meeting, our meeting was adjourned until our March Birthday Party.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 2010 Guild Meeting

Our first Guild meeting of the new year was held on January 21, 2010 at the Newtonia Community Center in Newtonia, MO. We had 14 members in attendance. It was a quarterly Project Linus Work Meeting, so everyone came in and went right to work on these projects or one of their own.
We did take time out to discuss some old business and add in some new business. As well as draw the name of the lucky winner of our BOM "Rosebud" blocks. Bobbie won 12 lovely blocks.
Vea introduced our new block that is another applique' style. It is to be constructed on a 12 1/2" square of any color plaid fabric preferably in earthy or country colors. The watering can is to be of charcoal to light gray fabric with a red heart on it. The leaves and stems are to be made of various greens. Variety to add interest. The Tulips can be of any coordinating color to match your background and greens. We were told to set the bottom of the can a good inch from the bottom of the background square to center it up the best.

We were given the option of taking part in the "Cookie" Challenge. 12 members took up the challenge and received a block pattern. We were instructed to make 12 of the block we received and have them ready to exchange at our March meeting. All 12 of us will take 12 different blocks home from the meeting to make our own quilt. It should be fun.
Another year is coming close to an end. We were asked who wanted to be on the nominating committee to make nominations for President and Secretary for a two year term and Vice President to continue the other year of the two year term presently in progress.
The budget committee had met and presented the group with the new budget for the 2010 year.
We exchanged our 6" orange/peach fabric squares and after our refreshment time, adjourned until next month.

December 2009 Guild Meeting

Our monthly guild meeting for December was our Christmas Dinner/Party. We started the meeting with our dinner. Wonderful food and great socializing.
Then we had our drawing to see who would win the BOM "lady bug" blocks. Marcene was the winner.
Vea then introduced our new BOM for January. It is the "Rosebud" block. It is pieced block to be constructed of light to medium green, blue or teal for the background. The rosebuds are to be made of medium pink, salmon, or peach colors, no brights. The leaves are to be made of medium to light green.
Our 6" "deep blue or purple" fabric exchanges were made. Next month the "Orange/Peach" colors are to be exchanged.
We then did our "apron" name gift exchange. We drew names in October and filled out a questionnaire about our favorite color, our preferences and other information that the person who drew our name used to make our apron. It was fun to see who had whom and what they had designed or made for them. Here is the list of who had whom and the pictures will be in the slide show with the new owner modeling their new apron.
Rebecca had Pauline. Pauline had Mary. Mary had Rebecca. Miyuki had Donna. Donna had Miyuki. Paula had Amanda. Amanda had Lucy. Lucy had Paula. Lucy also did an exchange with our new member, Jessica. They made aprons for each other. Vea had Lynn. Lynn had Suzanne. Suzanne had Coralee. Coralee had Marcene. Marcene had Anne. Anne had Lenore. Lenore had Bobbie. Bobbie had Vea. I think that is everyone.
The last part of our meeting was the drawing and opening of the gifts from Japan. We were all very excited and pleased with our items from them. They were all hand made and were wonderful. We hoped they were as pleased with the items we sent them as we were with their items for us. They had included a short message in Japanese that Miyuki translated so we each had a printed message we could read from Japan.
The evening was fun and enjoyed by all those who attended. See you next month.

November 2009 Guild Meeting

Our November meeting was held at the Newtonia Community Center on November 19, 2009.
We had 11 members and a prospective new member in attendance.
Our mini quilts for our Japanese gift exchange were due tonight. We had 13 of our members participate in this activity where we made mini quilts or other useful small items to send to Miyuki's mother's guild in Japan. They are making small gifts for us in exchange. We are excited to see what our gifts might be.
The "Gardener's Hat" blocks were won by Coralee.
Our new block that Vea introduced was the "Lady Bug" block. It is an applique block to be constructed on a 12 1/2" background square of dark blue or purple. The body of the lady bug is to be or charcoal or black fabric with green leaves and brown for the stem. The wings of the lady bug are to be bright polka dots. Blanket stitching around the outside in coordinating colored thread is the requested finish.
Our 6" "earth green" fabric squares were exchanged. Next month is our "deep blue or purple" color exchange blocks.

We were reminded that our gift exchange at our December meeting is our apron challenge. We will have our roast beef Christmas dinner and everyone is requested to bring food items to go with it.
It is hard to believe that next month is our December Christmas Party.
Our program for the night was presented by Bobbie. She shared with us some Pioneer stories on quilts made by these great, hard working people. Books are available that give more great stories of these great ancestors.
We had several ladies share some Personal Projects with us . Lenore showed her quilt from the book "100 wishes". It was kites surrounded by 5" squares.
Suzanne showed a Christmas table runner and a "wall paper" quilt.
Bobbie shared items that she made at retreat ans well as a quilt she calls "Venetian Dream".
Pauline also showed her items made at retreat and a quilt made from her blocks when we were doing the "Mystery Quilt" with Rebecca. She used her own design in setting the blocks together.

Meeting was adjourned until next month.