Thursday, June 3, 2010

April Retreat

We held our Spring Retreat at the Fairview Community Building this year. We liked the size and playground area that it provided for those children who had to tag along with their mothers. I wonder who had the most fun? Humm.
We had great classes on Friday and Saturday as we met together and learned new techniques, made fun and useful projects and shared ideas and food.
The classes consisted of "Celtic Knot" construction, "Needle Tatting", "Place Mat Weaving", "Big Block Quilts", "Day Bag" making, and our own project sewing. I will attempt to put pictures in the slide show to the right to show some of the fun we had there.
"Charm Poker" and "Bingo" were played and wonderful door prizes were won every hour.
Can hardly wait until our Fall Retreat. Who knows what fun and useful things we will learn there.

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