Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 2010 Guild Meeting

Our first Guild meeting of the new year was held on January 21, 2010 at the Newtonia Community Center in Newtonia, MO. We had 14 members in attendance. It was a quarterly Project Linus Work Meeting, so everyone came in and went right to work on these projects or one of their own.
We did take time out to discuss some old business and add in some new business. As well as draw the name of the lucky winner of our BOM "Rosebud" blocks. Bobbie won 12 lovely blocks.
Vea introduced our new block that is another applique' style. It is to be constructed on a 12 1/2" square of any color plaid fabric preferably in earthy or country colors. The watering can is to be of charcoal to light gray fabric with a red heart on it. The leaves and stems are to be made of various greens. Variety to add interest. The Tulips can be of any coordinating color to match your background and greens. We were told to set the bottom of the can a good inch from the bottom of the background square to center it up the best.

We were given the option of taking part in the "Cookie" Challenge. 12 members took up the challenge and received a block pattern. We were instructed to make 12 of the block we received and have them ready to exchange at our March meeting. All 12 of us will take 12 different blocks home from the meeting to make our own quilt. It should be fun.
Another year is coming close to an end. We were asked who wanted to be on the nominating committee to make nominations for President and Secretary for a two year term and Vice President to continue the other year of the two year term presently in progress.
The budget committee had met and presented the group with the new budget for the 2010 year.
We exchanged our 6" orange/peach fabric squares and after our refreshment time, adjourned until next month.

December 2009 Guild Meeting

Our monthly guild meeting for December was our Christmas Dinner/Party. We started the meeting with our dinner. Wonderful food and great socializing.
Then we had our drawing to see who would win the BOM "lady bug" blocks. Marcene was the winner.
Vea then introduced our new BOM for January. It is the "Rosebud" block. It is pieced block to be constructed of light to medium green, blue or teal for the background. The rosebuds are to be made of medium pink, salmon, or peach colors, no brights. The leaves are to be made of medium to light green.
Our 6" "deep blue or purple" fabric exchanges were made. Next month the "Orange/Peach" colors are to be exchanged.
We then did our "apron" name gift exchange. We drew names in October and filled out a questionnaire about our favorite color, our preferences and other information that the person who drew our name used to make our apron. It was fun to see who had whom and what they had designed or made for them. Here is the list of who had whom and the pictures will be in the slide show with the new owner modeling their new apron.
Rebecca had Pauline. Pauline had Mary. Mary had Rebecca. Miyuki had Donna. Donna had Miyuki. Paula had Amanda. Amanda had Lucy. Lucy had Paula. Lucy also did an exchange with our new member, Jessica. They made aprons for each other. Vea had Lynn. Lynn had Suzanne. Suzanne had Coralee. Coralee had Marcene. Marcene had Anne. Anne had Lenore. Lenore had Bobbie. Bobbie had Vea. I think that is everyone.
The last part of our meeting was the drawing and opening of the gifts from Japan. We were all very excited and pleased with our items from them. They were all hand made and were wonderful. We hoped they were as pleased with the items we sent them as we were with their items for us. They had included a short message in Japanese that Miyuki translated so we each had a printed message we could read from Japan.
The evening was fun and enjoyed by all those who attended. See you next month.

November 2009 Guild Meeting

Our November meeting was held at the Newtonia Community Center on November 19, 2009.
We had 11 members and a prospective new member in attendance.
Our mini quilts for our Japanese gift exchange were due tonight. We had 13 of our members participate in this activity where we made mini quilts or other useful small items to send to Miyuki's mother's guild in Japan. They are making small gifts for us in exchange. We are excited to see what our gifts might be.
The "Gardener's Hat" blocks were won by Coralee.
Our new block that Vea introduced was the "Lady Bug" block. It is an applique block to be constructed on a 12 1/2" background square of dark blue or purple. The body of the lady bug is to be or charcoal or black fabric with green leaves and brown for the stem. The wings of the lady bug are to be bright polka dots. Blanket stitching around the outside in coordinating colored thread is the requested finish.
Our 6" "earth green" fabric squares were exchanged. Next month is our "deep blue or purple" color exchange blocks.

We were reminded that our gift exchange at our December meeting is our apron challenge. We will have our roast beef Christmas dinner and everyone is requested to bring food items to go with it.
It is hard to believe that next month is our December Christmas Party.
Our program for the night was presented by Bobbie. She shared with us some Pioneer stories on quilts made by these great, hard working people. Books are available that give more great stories of these great ancestors.
We had several ladies share some Personal Projects with us . Lenore showed her quilt from the book "100 wishes". It was kites surrounded by 5" squares.
Suzanne showed a Christmas table runner and a "wall paper" quilt.
Bobbie shared items that she made at retreat ans well as a quilt she calls "Venetian Dream".
Pauline also showed her items made at retreat and a quilt made from her blocks when we were doing the "Mystery Quilt" with Rebecca. She used her own design in setting the blocks together.

Meeting was adjourned until next month.