Thursday, January 21, 2010

December 2009 Guild Meeting

Our monthly guild meeting for December was our Christmas Dinner/Party. We started the meeting with our dinner. Wonderful food and great socializing.
Then we had our drawing to see who would win the BOM "lady bug" blocks. Marcene was the winner.
Vea then introduced our new BOM for January. It is the "Rosebud" block. It is pieced block to be constructed of light to medium green, blue or teal for the background. The rosebuds are to be made of medium pink, salmon, or peach colors, no brights. The leaves are to be made of medium to light green.
Our 6" "deep blue or purple" fabric exchanges were made. Next month the "Orange/Peach" colors are to be exchanged.
We then did our "apron" name gift exchange. We drew names in October and filled out a questionnaire about our favorite color, our preferences and other information that the person who drew our name used to make our apron. It was fun to see who had whom and what they had designed or made for them. Here is the list of who had whom and the pictures will be in the slide show with the new owner modeling their new apron.
Rebecca had Pauline. Pauline had Mary. Mary had Rebecca. Miyuki had Donna. Donna had Miyuki. Paula had Amanda. Amanda had Lucy. Lucy had Paula. Lucy also did an exchange with our new member, Jessica. They made aprons for each other. Vea had Lynn. Lynn had Suzanne. Suzanne had Coralee. Coralee had Marcene. Marcene had Anne. Anne had Lenore. Lenore had Bobbie. Bobbie had Vea. I think that is everyone.
The last part of our meeting was the drawing and opening of the gifts from Japan. We were all very excited and pleased with our items from them. They were all hand made and were wonderful. We hoped they were as pleased with the items we sent them as we were with their items for us. They had included a short message in Japanese that Miyuki translated so we each had a printed message we could read from Japan.
The evening was fun and enjoyed by all those who attended. See you next month.

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