Tuesday, March 2, 2010

February 2010 Guild Meeting

Our guild met for it's monthly meeting on February 18, 2010 at the Newtonia Community Building in Newtonia, MO. We had 13 of our members present to share their projects during show and tell as well as receive the new BOM block for March.
Our last month block "Watering Can" was won by Vea. She introduced our new block for March which is the "Tulip" block. It is to be paper pieced using vibrant colors for the tulips and two different shades of green for the leaves. The background is to be cream colored.

Our birthday party in March will be the end of another fun year and the beginning of even more to come. Our business for the night was the nomination of Lucy for our new President starting in April. Also nominated were Paula, who will finish out the 2nd year term of Vice President, and Rebecca to be our new Secretary. They were unanimously voted in. Also announced was the fact that both co-chair positions for project and program are open for someone to fill.
We were reminded about finishing our "cookie exchange" blocks that are due in March.
Our evening program was given by Rebecca. She shared with us the story of the "Dear Jane Quilt".
In 1863 a woman named Jane A. Blakely Stickle completed a sampler quilt. Her name would be unremarkable today except for one thing, she signed her amazing quilt. It is made up of 225 patterns, most of which are only 4 1/2" blocks. It contains 5602 pieces and was completed in 1863. Because she signed her quilt, it was able to be returned to the state of Vermont where they have great documentation of their historical quilts. More information on her life and the quilt can be found at Dear Jane.com.
Our President Rebecca then shared with us her musical abilities with the following lyrics which she put to the music of the song "I Cain't Say No" from the musical "Oklahoma". It was something we could all relate to.

It ain't so much a question of not knowin' how to sew.

I’ve finished several things since I began.

I’ve heard a lot of stories and I reckon they're true.

About how girls are strangled by their stash.

I know I mustn't spend into a pit.

But when I’m at the quilt store

I forget!.

I'm just a girl who can't say 'no'

Fabric’s my Favorite thing!.

Whether online or in a store, I like to buy everything.

When my husband asks about my stash.

I’m tempted just to tell a little lie.

But the truth is that it’s piling up.

In rubber tubs that stack up 6 feet high!

I'm just a fool when prices are low.

I never show much restraint

Then the receipt makes me faint.

But how can I be what I ain't?

I can't say 'no!'

Whatcha gonna do when the fabric gets flirty

An' looks really purty?

Whatcha gonna do?

Supposin' that the fabric’s got

Baskets of cherrys, Or roses, or berries

Whatcha gonna do?

Supposin' that you find just the perfect shade of cream

and ya gotta have cream or die?

What’s a girl to do when she feels that way?

Sit down and cry?

I'm just a girl who can't say no,

Can't seem to say it at all.

I hate to pass up a fat quarter

I’m sure I need them all!

For a while I act refined and cool,

As I walk among the fabrics in the store,

Then I think of that old golden rule,

Remember less is never ever more!

I can't resist Kaffe Fasset prints

Or Amy Butler et. all

Soon as I feel of their naps

Somethin' inside of me snaps

I can't say no!

After announcing our upcoming Spring retreat to be held in April and the changing of our April monthly meeting to a work meeting, our meeting was adjourned until our March Birthday Party.

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