Wednesday, November 5, 2008

September 2008 Guild Meeting

Our Guild was represented at the Newtonia Fall Festival held in Newtonia, Missouri on September 13, 2008. We had a booth for our quilt show and one for our raffle quilt. Both booths were well attended. We even had a workshop set up where those that wanted could guess the mistake on the Suduko quilt and even color a block for a community quilt.
Our raffle quilt, (shown above) was a sampler with blocks made by our members from reproduction 30s fabrics. We chose to hand quilt it and with the help of our members, 154 hours of quilting went into it. Then it was hand bound by Suzanne who won it at the festival.
It was presented to her on the 18th of September at our monthly guild meeting. She was prepared with a label for everyone who helped with the quilt to sign their names on it. She then presented it and the quilt to our Secretary, Lenore in appreciation for being the sweet and selfless person that she is. It was an emotional moment in our evening.
We learned about "dimensional" quilting during our Program for the evening. Suzanne showed us how to use different techinques and fibers to add layers to our quilts.
Coralee presented us with this "dimensional" block. We can use any color that we feel represents it.

Our BOM block for October is the "Dahlia".

Last month's blocks "Purple Cross" were won by none other than Bobbie. Congratulations Bobbie on winning the blocks that your mother designed the pattern for.
We were reminded that our "5 Fabric" Challenges are due next month. Get busy if you haven't already completed yours.
See you next month. October 16th will be our next Guild Meeting back at the Newtonia Community Building.

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Lucy said...

Paula, do you have any idea how long it took me to figure out I hadn't posted this?? I kept looking at it and looking at and trying to remember when I had posted it. (it has been that crazy around here!) Then I saw your name at the bottom and realized that you had done it and that I am not crazy, Lazy maybe but not crazy.)