Saturday, August 23, 2008

Guild Meeting Aug. 21

Here are some little bits from the meeting this month. We are still trying to figure out how we want to run this blog. So as we learn and grow it will only get better and better. :o)

The block of the month we turned in was a wonderfully wild house quilt block that Coralee presented to us.
House Block
Mary was the very lucky winner. So many of us were wishing we could win those blocks.

The new block that is due in September is The Purple Cross.

The Purple Cross

This block was first published on August 31, 1932. It was designed by Bobbie's mom.
The colors we are to use are light and dark country or muted purples. I gather that we are supposed to add seam allowances. Hmmmm... The pattern says GOOD LUCK!!! written across the top. I think a couple of us (me, myself, and I) might just be out of luck. We shall see. It looks like it might be a real challenge.


Rebecca Lesue said...

I thought Coralee said not to add seam allowance?

p.k._strickland said...

I have tried it without on the center points, but not adding it to the inset pieces made them too small. Adding it made the star center ruffle. I may have to make mine a different way. Sewbear

Lucy said...

I hoped that you or your mom had already tried it.:o) I didn't think that the outside piece could be made without adding SA.
That doesn't sound good. I like the challenge of making this block work but am not sure I can't handle the head ache. :o)