Friday, March 18, 2011

Birthday Party

Our birthday party was fun, fun! Paula had games organized around the TV show "Minute to Win It". We were divided into two teams, and everybody competed in a game. We had "Spool Measure UP", where two people had to hold a ruler out in front of them and stack as many spools on it as possible, "Press On", in which two people had to pull fat quarters out of a bin, one at a time, iron and fold them. Also played were "Stitch Me In", where two people competed to see how many neat and even stitches they could put in a small piece of fabric, "Thread in the Eye", which had two people compete to see how many needles could be strung on a thread, "Quilt Puzzle Block", which was a quilt block (paper) cut into puzzle pieces that had to be put together, and "Strip Cut", which pitted two contestants against each other trying to see who could cut the most 1 1/2" strips of fabric in a minute . All the games were great fun.

Ann and Rebecca cooked up some great food for us: a noodle casserole, raw vegetables and dips, crackers and cheese, and yummy chocolate frosted cupcakes.

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